Hằng Hồ – MBA ở Pháp

My name is Hang Ho, studying at NEOMA Business School, France. It is my pleasure to be one of Luiz’s friends over 20 years. I have a chance to watch his development from an excellent student to a financial professional.  Luiz is really a talented person who you can count on. As a friend, he is always willing to being with me whenever I need, listens to my stories and gives me some helpful advices. As a financial professional, I am admired his successful career path. He reached his position as senior manager when he was quite young. Besides the successful career, Luiz has highly social responsibility when becoming a professor in Universities and a mentor helping the young generation.  I have seen that Luiz still kept in touched with his university students since their graduation up to now. Their relationship is not only the professor and students but also friends.  In my case, I have a pleasure to receive a Luiz’s recommendation when applying to MBA program at CFVG Vietnam. When I had an application interview with the professors of CFVG, they asked me the reason why choosing Luiz as a referee. I told them about his development path, and they totally agreed that I had a really talented friend. Hence, it is no doubt that Luiz is an excellent consultant that you can count on.


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